Teens & Vaping

Teens & Vaping

In urgent response to a fast-moving vaping epidemic, Idea Engineering was asked to create a website warning of the known and unknown dangers of vaping. Research and consultation were fast-tracked for an online campaign, with an easily updatable website and supporting print and presentation materials.

Teens & Vaping

Marijuana & Vaping

Providing parents and caregivers the information they need to make wise decisions for the children in their care, Idea Engineering developed and launched the vaping crisis information website, www.VapingFactCheckVC.org, in collaboration with its client, Ventura County Behavioral Health.

The website delivers information about vaping and includes a news section containing the latest findings as the vaping lung-disease epidemic continues to be investigated. It also provides contact numbers for anyone interested in vaping cessation programs and for related substance use resources.

Along with the website, a local social media campaign was enacted to direct people towards the online resource. Also developed was a small pocket-sized booklet based on the Vaping FactCheck website for use at school presentations or community events. Both website and booklet were created in English and Spanish to account for the local community's demographics and needs.

An assortment of vaping devices.
A section of the Vaping FactCheck website: an graphic of an aerosol can shows some of the chemicals found in vape aerosols.

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