About Us

When you develop strong, purposeful relationships with your clients, everything becomes easier. Trust grows, meaningful conversations ensue, a community is born.

Idea Engineering is a full-service marketing agency that creates communications that create community.

We work on some big, serious initiatives

Health equity, suicide prevention, drug addiction, mental health destigmatization.
But we are just as serious about weaving community relationships through our commercial campaigns of community banking, multi-family housing, and healthcare.

We look for fit

Our best fit for a client is one that is looking to leave the world in better shape. That is seeking to bring a higher quality of life to their customers and clients. To build ongoing relationships that create lift.

Positive Community Change

We believe in leaving places better than we found them. And our clients feel the same way. Our goals are focused on moving the needle for our clients and the goals that are important to them – and the communities they are part of.

This is who we are

We listen.
We pay attention. We seek out facts, feelings and opinions. We know that although our clients want us to promulgate facts, that it is important to know what feelings and opinions surround an issue so we can strategize how to introduce facts in a way that will resonate and create change that is not only needed but wanted.
We're collaborators.
We are experts at what we do and our clients are experts at what they do, and in the confluence of all that knowledge, great campaigns can be born.
We are inspired.
We don’t set our goal by the specific “thing” that the client is asking for.  We set our goal by the change our client is seeking to make.
We're inventive.
We never look to do “what we have done before.” As much as we see similarities, we’re also looking for differences. We want to see each client, each population, each issue, in its own light and for its own characteristics to ensure that our solution is the right one for this job.
We're passionate about the issues.
We work on this stuff because we care about this stuff.
We're passionate about our craft.
We love our work and we’re always looking for ways to do it better.
We’re on time and we’re on budget.
May seem pedestrian but we think it speaks to how seriously we take the work and how we appreciate our client’s investment and trust in us.

We value all experiences

Cultural sensitivity in our media and messaging work

We embrace and celebrate diversity, inclusivity and equity in all that we do.

Cultural Sensitivity Statement →

Learn about our web accessibility efforts

We strive to create content and materials that are accessible to people of all abilities.

Accessibility Statement →

What's in a name?

Our name, Idea Engineering, means a lot to us. We’re certainly about ideas. But we recognize that a thousand different people can have ten thousand different ideas.
We are about doing the necessary work, so we can deliver our clients the right idea: The idea that resonates; The idea that moves the needle.
We know the difference between entertaining and inspiring; between action and actionable. We’re always focused on the fact that something is supposed to happen as a result of our work and we’re not satisfied until it does. We know that the quality of people’s lives depends on the effectiveness of our work and we approach each project with the seriousness that such responsibility demands.
So we’re idea people. But we are also engineers. As idea people we look to soar to the heights of inspiration, connection, passion and warmth. As engineers, we make sure that the research is done. We always measure twice so we cut once. We do our homework and we ask a hundred questions for every answer we hope to have.
And we do all this so our clients and the people of their communities, even the most marginal and invisible, can see, hear and feel their DNA in our solutions. So they can feel that they are on the inside, instead of on the outside looking in.

How can we help you?

Turn-Key Campaigns

Many communities, nationwide, are facing similar public health and safety challenges and budgets of only limited size to tackle them. For them we have coupled our broad experience in the field with research, testing and the highest production values to develop pre-built Turn Key Campaigns that are ready to be deployed immediately at low-cost.

See our Turn-Key Campaigns →

Custom Campaigns

An Idea Engineering custom campaign focuses our experience on the unique aspects of your organization and your challenges to develop a specific solution that is built just for you.

See our Custom Campaigns →

Imagine what we can achieve together.

If you believe Idea Engineering is a good fit for you, let's start a conversation.