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Running a business can be challenging. One challenge that we see way too often is that potential customers have no idea why they should engage with a business; what the value proposition is; sometimes that that the business even exists. Those area fixable problems and the solutions help with many other challenges.

It’s no use having a large media budget if all you are pushing with it is confused message about your business. That is the pathway to wider market confusion. And if all you stand for is the product that you sell, then you are a commodity and commodities are too easily devalued and replaced.  

We like to start at the beginning. We talk about what you are trying to do. How should your community think of you? What is it that you bring to their lives? IE will work with you to create a brand that makes your value more than just the sum of your products and services and create a pathway to a relationship with your community, not just an existence within it. Relationships span time and they offer forgiveness when inevitable stumbles occur. Relationships spur growth and mutual advancement. Relationships feel good and are good – for everyone involved.

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By going through the rebranding process, we certainly anticipated the community – those externally – to have a better understanding of what we do, but we were surprised at how much it helped us internally also!
Sarah Andrew Wilson, Director of Music Education – Youth
Levine School of Music
Your designs are spectacular! I truly love our new Raffa website. We’re relating to our community in a whole new way. Very, very, very glad we found you!
Jimena Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager
Marcum, LLP

Local Business & Corporate


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