Government & Public Health

From work we have done at the Federal level to work we have done at county and municipal level, one goal flows throughout; making the complex work and objectives of our government clients understandable, relatable and inspirational to the communities they serve.

Too often we see great programs and dedicated workers hobbled by low quality communications. But here’s a simple truth: if your clients don’t understand why your work is good for them, then they are less likely to take advantage of it; if your communities don’t understand the importance of your initiative, then they are less likely to support it.

Idea Engineering speaks government. We’ve worked with government clients for almost two decades. We know how to position your initiatives to be inspirational and compelling, both outside your agency and within. We know how to do the mundane, but critical, details also, like tracking budgets and working with evaluators.

If you want a campaign that works and that you can prove the effectiveness of, Idea Engineering is your first, best decision.

It has been a pleasure to work with Idea Engineering on an exciting anti-bullying campaign for our Conejo Valley Unified School District’s middle schools. Their anti-bullying materials are really working to educate our middle school students, teachers, staff and parents about the dangers of bullying.
Jeff Davis, Director of Secondary Education
Conejo Valley Unified School District
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Government & Public Health


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In addition to custom campaigns, Idea Engineering's award-winning team builds complete, customized turn-key campaigns that can be deployed immediately and used in their entirety or as separate building blocks as budget and goals dictate.
Our Turn-Key Campaigns bring together expert research and best practices – combined with our broad experience in branding, positioning and strategic communications – to develop relevant and effective campaigns on critical issues facing our communities.

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