At Idea Engineering, we speak community.
We live and breathe community.
We help our clients build community.
Through communications. Through conversations. Through relationships.
Community is not just a thing. It’s a feeling. It’s peace. It’s love. It’s home. Community is where relationships can be built and stigma can be released. A place to embrace your identity and feel good about it.
When your organization develops good, strong, purposeful relationships with your community, then conversations become easier; trust grows. You can help them – and they can help you.
Building community is what our clients come to us for – and what their clients and customers love them for.
“Your designs are spectacular! I truly love our new Raffa website. We’re relating to our community in a whole new way. Very, very, very glad we found you!”

Jimena Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager
Marcum, LLC
Let's go there. Together.


  1. You want to make positive change in the world around you (vs. only making money)
  2. You need to connect with people that may need specialized knowledge to reach because of cultural, ethnic, or language issues
  3. You are looking to create a feeling of community
  4. Your project requires specialized knowledge in the areas of substance misuse, behavioral health, public health, general healthcare, or human interactions
Idea Engineering could be a great partner for you.
Click here and let’s chat.
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