Idea Engineering’s Turn-Key Campaigns bring together our expert research and best practices – combined with our broad experience in branding, positioning and strategic communications – to develop relevant and effective campaigns on critical issues facing our communities.

Strategically developed

Each campaign is designed from the ground up with specific targets and goals in mind, including demographics, psychographics, and any cultural and ethnic parameters to properly respect, reflect and engage the community.

Stigma and destigmatization are continually considered in the development of all messaging.

Tailored for your community

Localization and customization of each campaign is available, which further allows populations to see themselves inside the campaign and for organizations to deliver highly specified messaging.

Campaigns that move the needle

Our campaigns have a strong track record in analytics and evaluation that allow our clients proof of effectively using their budgets for today and into the future.

swift to launch

Idea Engineering’s award-winning team builds complete, customized turn-key campaigns that can be deployed immediately and used in their entirety or as separate building blocks as budget and goals dictate.

Featured Campaign

Meth: Don't Buy the Lie

Prevention Campaign

Idea Engineering’s “Meth – Don’t Buy the Lie” campaign is targeted to young adults who may be at risk for trying meth. The goal of the campaign is to provide the truth about meth without preaching nor invoking the reflexive opposition which comes easily to people in this age range.

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