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No one else has the subject expertise and the creative capabilities. I can’t imagine what we would do, as prevention services, without Idea Engineering. I don’t even know who your competitors would be.
Dan Hicks, Manager
Substance Use Services – Prevention, Ventura County Behavioral Health
Idea Engineering did not just try to distill who we “think” we are; you went out and found out who we actually are – and then who we can be. You tapped into the whole community; not many firms know how to do that.
Patricia Keelean, CEO
I always know that I am going to get something better than I imagined, I’m going to get it on time and I’m not going to worry, all the details will be taken care of.
Nicolette Worley Marselian, Director of Marketing
To our friends at Idea Engineering — the praise for Good Health magazine continues to pour in. Thank you so much for all you do, this is a product we are all very proud of!
Jill R. Fonte, Director of Marketing
Sansum Clinic
We’ve got more done in the last 2 months with Idea Engineering than we did in the previous 5 years without.
Peter Jablow, President & CEO
Levine School of Music

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