Healthcare marketing sounds like it should be simple: “if you’re sick, come see us and we’ll help you get better.” But, of course, it’s more complicated than that.

There are matters of trust and competition and, very importantly, what level of relationship you have with patients. Do they only think of you when there is a problem or do they have a relationship with you that is more universal? Which is to say, is this only a “sickness” relationship, or is it a “wellness” relationship too? It’s not one size fits all.  

If you want to maximize your relationship with your community and ensure that they are making full use of your services, it begins with people thinking about you in the correct way and at the correct times.

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Idea Engineering is well-named. They come up with fantastic ideas and then undertake the engineering necessary to bring those ideas to a successful reality. We use their services often.
Bob Freeman, CEO
I always know that I am going to get something better than I imagined, I’m going to get it on time and I’m not going to worry, all the details will be taken care of.
Nicolette Worley Marselian, Director of Marketing



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In addition to custom campaigns, Idea Engineering's award-winning team builds complete, customized turn-key campaigns that can be deployed immediately and used in their entirety or as separate building blocks as budget and goals dictate.
Our Turn-Key Campaigns bring together expert research and best practices – combined with our broad experience in branding, positioning and strategic communications – to develop relevant and effective campaigns on critical issues facing our communities.

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