As discussed in our writings on “Love vs Like” too often non-profits with passion and focus on the inside, do a poor job of lighting a similar flame of engagement on the outside – amongst potential allies and donors.

We work with you to change the conversation from being solely about what you do to what happens in the world because of what you do. Developed correctly, such positioning, pushed thoughtfully out into the community, ignites a fire where you need it; in the hearts and minds of people with similar passions and who now will recognize in you a pathway to making an impact.

As we often say: you’re an expert at what you do and we are experts at what we do, in the confluence of that knowledge great campaigns can be born.

Are you ready to upgrade your relationship with your community?

Idea Engineering did not just try to distill who we “think” we are; you went out and found out who we actually are – and then who we can be. You tapped into the whole community; not many firms know how to do that.
Patricia Keelean, CEO
Idea Engineering brought their expertise to our statewide system by designing an entire campaign with us, and Simon spoke at our annual Leadership Training Institute to unveil the “Not On My Watch” campaign. We were mesmerized! His skill in strategizing campaigns that work was evident. We're eager to expand our efforts together!
Dr. Jim Kooler, Administrator
California Friday Night Live Partnership



Looking for our Turn-Key Campaigns?

In addition to custom campaigns, Idea Engineering's award-winning team builds complete, customized turn-key campaigns that can be deployed immediately and used in their entirety or as separate building blocks as budget and goals dictate.
Our Turn-Key Campaigns bring together expert research and best practices – combined with our broad experience in branding, positioning and strategic communications – to develop relevant and effective campaigns on critical issues facing our communities.

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