Not on My Watch

Alcohol & Drugs

Friday Night Live approached Idea Engineering with an exciting challenge: create an easy to follow program that could be unfolded at FNL programs state-wide with the goal to have young people feel prepared and empowered to make a difference around underage drinking. The program that IE created, Not on My Watch, did just that.

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Alcohol & Drugs
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The name, Not on My Watch, was chosen specifically for the heroic stance it would create.

The young people would be encouraged to take a stand, to draw a line and say that, “Not on my watch is underage drinking going to happen.”  And, following the program and using its tools, the young people would work with the community, its leaders and its merchants to invite them into the same stance and have them declare, “Not on My Watch!”

The Not on My Watch program brought to bear several Idea Engineering strengths:

• Alcohol and drug prevention
• Communicating with young people
• Researching issues
• Grass-roots organizing
• Creating effective outreach tools

Not on My Watch presented the young people with a road-map of ideas to allow them to identify an issue, plan how they would tackle it and then use the tools, suggestions, knowledge, templates and graphics supplied to execute a community based outreach program.

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